Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy Busy Busy and a Surprise !

So this past Saturday was our annual Halloween party for the grown ups! I was so behind on getting the house ready and the food, people are arriving and I'm not even in my costume making chicken curry and rice and trying to prep the tortellini in a frantic rush with my red face and frankenstein hairdo!

Despite my initial flipping out everything went perfectly, this year was bigger and better than ever, and it's amazing just how many people you can fit in one house! Only injury of the night was one of the younger guys getting a severe back spasm but with the aid of heat, tens and a massage therapist (thankyou R!), he was able to lay on the air mattress and by the morning was much better.

Shocked myself by running my own little hypnosis show in front of a limited audience and had my two favorites guys doing quite hilarious things for about an hour before letting them off the hook!

Now we're in clean up mode ... and everything goes into the shed until next year ... handmade creation of the year this year was Ed's fabulous full size aged coffin ... next year we're combining our talents and coming up with a full size electric torture chair!!

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