Thursday, July 22, 2010

Googly Bands Review

The crazy silicone shaped wrist bands have become the latest "must have" collectable this year and have given lil bear yet another item to begin yet another new collection! I do like the price point on this new craze however, it's lower than most, the bands are small enough they don't take over the house and they're much easier to trade than a beanie baby or webkinz!!

Caity received a package of series VI "Lets Sk'8" and series VII "Beauty" which are sparkle bands from the Imperial Toy Company's version called Googly Bands. She was very excited when she saw the sparkle bands, having been looking for that style unsuccessfully for a while now.

The packaging is minimal but eye catching and fun, which is nice because it's much more environmentally friendly and the bands are cute. She had a little trouble getting some of them to form their correct shape but I think that may be to do with the thin shapes of some of them. They do seem larger than some of the other styles she's tried, this is a definite plus because they don't limit circulation in the wrist and leave a mark!

In her long hair they do tend to snag, but I really don't think many kids are buying them as hair accessories anyway, however it is something to keep in mind. The colors are bright and the glitter styles are really pretty and overall she's as pleased as punch with them.

I'd definitely recommend them, they are available in stores like Walmart, Toysrus and Christmas Tree shops, so if you have a youngster who just has to have some, I'd recommend you give these a try!