Monday, August 31, 2009

We're Back From Summer Vacation!

Caity riding the carousel on Paignton Green

After almost a whole month in the United Kingdom visiting with family I am back in sunny New Hampshire and ready to begin making delicious lollipops and sweeties once more!!

The visit back home was wonderful, I took my lil Caity bear with me to meet all my family for the very first time as I haven't been home in over 12 years and everyone fell in love with her right away - but then I never expected anything different!

We had 2 full sight seeing days in London which was hectic but fun, then spent some time at my mothers in the Lake District, followed by some time in Manchester visiting my sisters and their children, then a week in Devon visiting with my brother, dad and step mom and then finally a few days back in Manchester to see my sister and grandad and back home to NH.

This is Caity with her great grandad Ron.

My mothers husband Bernie was a gem, teaching Caity how to ride a bike without stabilizers - this makes two new firsts for her this summer as she also learnt to swim the month before thanks to some fabulous lessons at the local sports center! I was so proud of her, she practised until she could get it right, refusing to put the bike down despite having blisters on her hands from gripping the handlebars AND 19 bruises and scrapes on her legs!!

Been back a few days, still adjusting to the 5 hour time difference and getting back on track with orders - lots of new flavors and shapes coming this fall so keep watching, and of course lots of new giveaways!!