Monday, November 26, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ducks Ducks Everywhere!

It's that time of year, yup craft shows galore! My neck is breaking thanks to a DH with a cold keeping me up all hours, thank god for ambien or I'd be the living dead. If you have never layed there tense and wanting to smother the man you love if he doesn't stop twitching and snoring, then you obviously have never been married.

*stops to pour soap layer*

Ok where was I? Yea, so I was a deadbeat bum all day then thought yanno, I could use a little raspberry vodka (after all it's been sitting winking at me unopened since halloween since I generally don't drink anymore). Lo and behold I get a little urge to go make some soap, well I do have an order and a show in a few days, get it done whilst the brain is still functioning right?

Lifetime movie network in the background and christmas rubber duckies everywhere, running around like a maniac getting the scents all in order, the vanilla stabilizer, the right jug, guessing the right amount, oops too much green - my bad!

*stops to pour soap layer and spray ducks butts with alcohol*

So, we have 33 new santa duck soaps made, 3 brand spanking new christmas mice duck soaps and a new version of the blue and white snowman duck soap, this time in a cute 'to die for' snowflake mold I found yesterday - so I will be buying more if they turn out as pretty as I think they will.

So life is busy and hectic, but I'm happy, etsy folk are liking my soaps and it has to be said, I like etsy folk. I am getting quite the buzz out of the reactions I'm getting, I really feel like I'm doing something good, bringing a smile to someone and something I enjoy whilst contributing to the household finally ...

Now if only I could smother him tonight and get some sleep *wink*