Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Last Craft Show For This Year

We had a fabulous time at the Memorial High School Craft fair this past weekend, I stayed up all night frantically packaging and labelling and getting everything ready and then woke everyone at 6.30am to load up and get over there.
I was absolutely amazed at the efficiency and speed of the folks at the school that emptied my minivan in under a minute taking everything right to the booth space, it's the easiest and quickest I've ever got everything inside and set up before and I was most definately impressed!

The craft fair itself was fairly busy and I met some fantastic folks including 3 members of my New Hampshire etsy street team, which was totally cool. I was able to go home for a nap and Amy and Ed took over (Amy is in the picture of the booth) which was a huge help as I was pretty tired by mid morning. We decided to just use the basic L set up with tables and red covers and it worked out ok I think. It turned out to be a fun day, a great way to advertise locally and meet and talk about all of our creations and I definately am considering returning next year.

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