Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Orders for the week

We had 2 big orders come in to be completed over the next week or so, one for a very large amount of boxing gloves (waiting for extra molds to arrive to complete the order), and one for large snowflakes.

My 15 year old daughter Amy decided that she'd like to try and help make some candy, she's usually my official lollipop wrapper and labeller so I let her try to make a batch of candy yesterday with some limited supervision so she didn't feel like I was breathing down her neck (you know how teenagers hate that!).

Unfortunately it seems she over agitated the batch and it crystalized, which is not too pretty and even less tasty. She kept apologising about it and I felt so bad for her because it's such an easy thing to do with hard candy. She actually did a fabulous job overall and I made sure that I told her so. I'm going to involve her more this weekend so she can get a better feel for gauging temperature and how and when to mix once the cooling begins. I think once she tries again, she'll find she's actually very talented ... I already know it, she just needs to believe it too!

I had to admit it was kinda cute to hear her comment how she was now more impressed with mom because she thought making candy was so easy and now she knows it's not as easy as it looks.

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