Friday, October 24, 2008

OOoooohhhh It's The Little Black Box Time!!

It's that day again!!

Time for The Little Black Box and this month I'll actually not just be buying one for myself and the girls but I'll actually be in it!!

I'm so totally excited to have my ducky soaps and lollipops in the box and see how people like them, I hope they're enjoyed as much as I enjoy creating them. And then the added bonus of getting my own box, like wow there are some amazing stores in there this month and a guarantee of at least 17 items ... it's like getting a Christmas gift without it being Christmas! I really hope I get one of the hypnosis samples, having an interest in the subject I'd be really interested in trying one of those out.

In other news this weekend is going to be insane, I have my biggest set of orders since the summer, a possible 600+ lollipops in one weekend, plus about 2lbs of jewel candy. When you consider my average weekend is 150-250 lollipops, this is going to be a lot of work that is most definately going to spill over to Monday but thankfully I have my wonderful daughter to help me out and she'll earn lots of extra spending money this week which I have a feeling will go towards her new ipod and maybe even a new oufit!

Not wanting to sound ungrateful at all, but I'm really praying for a quiet weekend the following weekend as it's our annual Halloween party on Saturday and the thought of sleeping in VERY late on Sunday is just soooo appealing!!!

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