Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Be Gone To Chronic Fatigue!

This last month has been a struggle battling with the fibromyalgia and CFS, it's hard to get going and then keep going without feeling like you've ran a marathon because you were standing for 20 minutes!

Of course my schedule is out of wack also, I really have to work on that. And then there's the planning for the annual "Halloween Bash" we hold every year. Ed says we won't get any better than we did last year, but then makes the ultimate solid wood full size old fashioned style coffin - to say it rocks would be a total understatement and pictures will be forthcoming!

Orders are caught up on for the week, for the rest of the week, I'm mom, taxi cab and somewhere in there going to have to seriously get a hold of some hidden energy and finally tackle 'the office'!

I will be so glad when he finally finds time to put some built in storage up there.

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