Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowy Sunday

This past month has seen some of the snowiest and coldest temperatures for quite some time. Friday night was the coldest most frigid night of the winter so far, the temperature before wind chill being around -12 degrees faranheit, apparently the coldest here in 5 years.

Around 11pm the power went out, I just about freaked out, but not so much for us, but for those others that I knew may not have the benefit of a generator or some way to keep themselves warm in such below freezing temperatures. My husband ran out and started up our small $300 generator that we purchased during the week long power outage last month, and ran in a cord to the pellet stove. In the 30 minutes it took him to set up, the house temperature had dropped by more than 10 degrees!

2 hours later power was restored, I hope for all the other towns also. It concerns me to think of all those affected that may have had no alternative heat sources trying to stay warm for those hours that the power was out, but I'm also so thankful that this time it was a short lived power failure and not the nightmare that so many went through in December.

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