Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's a mystery to me!

So it's back to work today making up new lollipop batches and my best seller since Christmas has got to be my lollipop mystery boxes. Now pre Christmas was a little different, my best seller than was lollipops in the shapes of butts, yes you read correctly, I said butts!

I enjoy making up the mystery boxes, it gives me the chance to try out some new molds for the pops I haven't yet got listed and I love putting the selections together, picturing peoples reactions when they open them, almost like a surprise gift in the mail.

Now to decide which ones to make, my mold inventory is a little all over the place with the new storage not quite finished, so it's going to be a challenge locating what I'm looking for - that's a definate on the to do list before the end of the month - redo and sort inventory.

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