Friday, March 6, 2009

Crazy Dreams & Invisible Mice

Okay, now firstly I already know I'm a little fruit and nutty, but last night/this morning definitely confirms it.

Was up late, yes I had a little wine before bed, okay a few glasses but it WAS my birthday after all. 4am I wake up having the weirdest dream, I don't know if I was the child or the attempting to help the child in the dream, that part is now too blurred, but I do distinctly remember either explaining or being explained to how to act underwater when your drowning so that it's just like falling asleep and you don't feel the panic.

Really freaky ... yet oddly I woke feeling relatively calm

Then as I lay there attempting to fall asleep again I suddenly hear a rustling in the corner of the room that sounded like something crawling around on some paper. Thinking it's my little Sasha (kitty) I call out to her and the noise stops and then silence. Okay so this now totally freaks me out and I grab the funky flashlight from the nightstand and crank that sucker up and aim for the corner.


Scan the room ...


Now I'm totally freaking out ... get up and constantly cranking that recharge handle the search in the corner begins revealing nothing other than some wrapping paper, paper bag of husbands junk and my pink pom poms ... yes I have pom poms!

Now I'm doing a Nancy Drew, the house is thoroughly searched ...

Fat Cat is sleeping on the sofa ... definitely NOT the rustler

Sasha kitty is sleeping on a dining room chair near the woodstove ... NOT the rustler!

So now I'm awake, playing around in the forums and contemplating going back to bed ... over ... and over ... I will go back sometime ... flashlight in hand and ready to pounce the phantom rustler and whomp it on the noggin with it!

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