Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Starting this week I'll be featuring a new weekly foodie post, featuring a delicious recipe idea or other great food recommedation. This week I decided to share my quick and easy leftovers recipe for "chicken curry".

Being British I absolutely LOVE curry and rice, unfortunately here in New England you just can't find a good take-out curry so I learned quickly it was much easier to make my own. I have various recipes, this is my fast and easy version using leftover cooked chicken breast and any style rice you have available. It's a favorite of my kids and doesn't last long in our house!


Leftover cooked chicken breast (diced or roughly chopped)
Third of a jar of Pataks Mild Curry Paste(available in grocery stores & online)
Reg Size Can Tomato Sauce (approx 16oz)
White Rice
Corn Starch (optional)


Spray a little pam in a deep non stick saute pan and add chicken breast warming slowly. Add curry paste and stir to coat chicken and continue warming on low/medium heat. Add can tomato sauce and continue to heat, using empty tomato sauce can fill to about half way with cold water and add to pan, continuing to stir and heat. Bring to boil and simmer for 20 minutes on a low heat setting stirring occasionally.

You can add more water for a thinner curry sauce. If you need to thicken your sauce, mix a little corn starch in some cold water and then add to hot curry sauce stirring in immediately.

Whilst sauce is cooking, make up your rice according to package instructions and serve sauce over cooked rice.

Serve and enjoy!

Makes about 4-6 portions.

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