Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ready For Summer ?

The sun is shining, the leaves are back on the trees, could it be that Springtime has finally arrived? We've had some odd weather here recently, one day there's a frost warning "brrrrr" the next its 90 degrees and I'm stuck inside thankful for the air conditioning.

So much has happened recently, I can barely keep up! Work wise things are especially busy, lots and lots of lobsters this month for weddings. I'm grateful for the extra help from Caity Bear, she's one amazing kid and just created and presented a fabulous project for the Key Program at school named "All About Candy".

On the home front it's spring cleaning time once again, last weekend Ed and Caity tackled the mess of wood and junk cluttering the basement, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the garage will get a similar makeover this weekend. I'm being very careful to pace myself, I have been learning it is easier to break physical tasks up to make them more manageable and I'm hoping to get on top of things that way.

On the family front my oldest Lauren may be coming home to visit in a few weeks(oh gosh I hope so!), we're very much looking forward to seeing her, in the meantime Caity and I are crossing our fingers that our passports arrive so we can begin to plan a visit to see our family in the UK. Adam just had his 18th birthday and is growing up way too fast, hopefully we'll still get to see him in August when he goes on leave from the Air Force.

Now if only the spiders and bugs would go away, life could be perfect!

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