Friday, April 24, 2009

Family Time

I know I know !! But I do have a very good excuse for not posting in 19 days, honestly!! As many folks know I am originally from the UK, well it's been 12 years since I was home and this month my brother Christian is visiting and I've been doing my best to make his stay as fun as possible. The picture of Christian, Amy and Caity was taken during our chilly trip to Hampton Beach last Friday!

It's hard to believe that this towering 22 year old man is the same 10 year old little kid that I said goodbye to all those years ago, he's absolutely remarkable and a credit to my dad. He's fabulous with Caity Bear, has been helping her with her homework, teaching her funny songs and games to drive me crazy and taking her outside daily to play soccer.

He goes back to the UK on Saturday and I'm going to miss him, having him here has reminded me just how much I do miss my family, especially my dad so I've made the decision to do my best to get passports for myself and Bear so that we can go and visit.

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