Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Playing Catchup

Yes it's been days since I have updated but I do have an excuse in the form of a 3 day event I was vending for in RI,the Winter FFF.I only knew I as accepted for a few weeks so a lot of prep work took place in the last few weeks, however Thursday night, what craziness! I did attempt to grab a little sleep around 4am, but after laying there tossing and turning with everything I had to still get ready for the weekend filling my head I gave up around 6.30am and got back to work finishing up some buttons and pendants and finally packing a small suitcase!

The drive to Rhode Island was relatively easy, the usual male speedsters on the highway, making up for a lack of manhood with excessive dangerous driving freaked me out a few times but knowing I hadn't slept made me just as excessively cautious in my own driving so it balanced out.

Set up was fun, bumping into old friends, new faces, the volunteers losing half of my minivan full of product and my friend freaking out because he'd been in charge of it all ... I stayed calm, did a little search and found it one floor up within 30 minutes - panic over!

Our space was simply fabulous, CTAN is my hero this year, she not only gave me an awesome spot but because of how I was situated I ended up with about an extra 18 square feet of room for demonstations of Eds Portacross!

The company was great, the atmosphere bloody brilliant and despite coming home exhausted and with no voice, I had an amazing time, the highlight of the weekend running demo's up in the suite, something I never thought I'd be capable of doing due to my belief that I just don't do well in assertive social situations. Not to say I wasn't terrified but I'm darn proud of myself for overcoming my fear in my determination to make the most enjoyable evening for everyone that had given me the privilege of being their host for the night.

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