Monday, December 22, 2008

Catchup Part Deux!

It feels like an absolute age since I blogged ... but it's definately been an eventful few weeks. New Hampshire was hit with the worst ice storm in 30 years and then this past weekend we've been hit with two big winter snow storms dropping between 1 - 2 feet of snow!

I will never again take for granted flushing a toilet - nor will I take for granted using a cell phone - definately the two things that stick in my mind from the recent power outages.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was non stop catchup time, but I got everyones orders out in time for Christmas and I'm feeling quite proud of myself! Saturday was clean up the house time and Sunday was a little clean and a little relax ... ok so more relax.

I was going to Christmas shop but wasn't driving through a blizzard to do it, so am going this evening hopefully before I pick up my daughter from the airport, she's on leave from the army so it'll be nice to have her home for Christmas.

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