Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Car Trouble

So I turn on the minivan to move it to the end of the driveway on Saturday morning as we were having our yearly clean out the garage yard sale. It begins to make some odd sounds, sounds like its coughing almost and then a few seconds later the check engine light comes on!

Like come on already, you've only just been fixed a few months ago for a check engine problem and now you have a new boo boo???

I didn't realise just how much I relied on my car until yesterday when I had to ask my husband to pick up some groceries on his way home from work, but there has been a plus side, I was able to stay home and get some new soaps made and listed although it didn't make me slow down at all, I was up late again making up packages at 11.30pm!

What can I say, I have an obsession with getting things sent out quickly :)

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