Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Designs just in time for Halloween!

It's been a while since posting, we've been busy trying to reorganize the new kitchen whilst catching up on a LOT of orders that had built up over the month we were away. We're finally almost done, some small finish work and painting to do and the last bit of sorting out 2 last boxes and then I'll be ready to take some pictures and show everything off!

I've also been working hard this past week to create some brand new styles for the store, it's taken some effort to learn the techniques but I'm pleased to say that I'm getting a lot better at creating fabulous designs and so now I am comfortable finally adding a lot more of these to the store!

Check out a handful of the newest creations below, what do you think?

Bats on a creamy moon like lollipop in egg nog flavor.

This is my favorite .. creepy hand on a night sky blue raspberry lollipop!

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